We have noticed many of you have issue's setting up e-mail SMTP. We will provide a short guide.


  • Login to your backoffice
  • Navigate to Advanced Parameters >> E-mail
  • Select the option "Set my own SMTP parameters (for advanced users ONLY)"
  • A new field will appear at the bottem
  • Fill in SMTP server (example: mailout.one.com)
  • Fill in SMTP username (example: info@crezzur.com)
  • Fill in SMTP password (example: yourpassword)
  • For encryptions select "none"
  • For port use "25"
  • Press save and send a test e-mail.



Error: check your e-mail configuration
Expected response code 250 but received code "550", with message "550 5.7.1 Sender address rejected: username info@crezzur.com and sender something@something.com does not match"


Go to your "MYSQL database" open table "ps_configuration" and search for "PS_SHOP_EMAIL" change this value so it match the "SMTP username"