Why a Prestashop webshop?

A secure and reliable platform

The software is continuously monitored and updated to strengthen the architecture and prevent potential security breaches. PrestaShop 1.7 is able to manage thousands of products simultaneously and to manage high traffic spikes.

  • Integration of the Symfony3 framework framework
  • Safety features and unit tests
  • Compliance with the standards/legislation, regardless of which country the webshop is active in
  • Software compliant with the GDPR

A decisive factor for success

A wide range of tools at your disposal to organize your work, save time, reduce the risk of errors and lower your costs. An approach focused on providing a positive management experience and improving store performance.

  • Advice and support to be able to work quickly with the software
  • Optimized back office and menu for smooth and successful navigation
  • Easier creation, management and monitoring of the product catalog
  • Automation of recurring tasks

A transparent architecture accessible to everyone

Open Source Software, PrestaShop features an open code that promotes the collaboration and continuous contribution of a community of experts and passionate users, both in terms of its translation and the quality and reliability of the code.

  • Open and editable code
  • High degree of transparency: use of Github, public roadmap, selection of the most voted ideas on Uservoice
  • More than 40 languages available on installation (PrestaShop translation project by the translator community)

A unique style for your store

PrestaShop 1.7 benefits from a rare functional coverage that allows you to customize an online store as you wish, both in terms of design and configuration parameters. Nearly 90 modules integrated into the software as standard

  • Thousands of expansions available on the official PrestaShop marketplace
  • Product catalogs that can be adapted to the activities of the webshop (physical or virtual products, product versions or not, packs, customized products, etc.)
  • Store customization tools

International ambitions within reach

Multilingual and multi-currency software, PrestaShop 1.7 empowers store growth and promotes conversion. Well-thought-out functionalities to support online stores in their online expansion and increase their growth opportunities.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tailored to the catalog
  • Providing efficient sales and conversion tools aimed at building trust
  • Ability to integrate third party applications (PIM, stock, ERP, etc.)
  • Configuration Solutions & Options for International Sales
  • Translation tool for the content of the webshop

Why a Prestashop module?

When you want to add a feature to your webshop, you often contact a web developer. This web developer will then develop this feature especially for you. Because this assignment is performed once, you pay the full development cost for your new feature.

This is not the case with a Prestashop module, a module works for every Prestashop webshop. This allows the web developer to offer its developed feature to a wider audience and you can enjoy an affordable price.

What is a Prestashop module?

A webshop consists of hundreds of pieces of software, you can best compare this with a puzzle. The Prestashop webshop platform provides you with a free puzzle so you already have a fully working webshop. Of course, every bicycle shop is unique and everyone has their own requirements for a webshop.

That is why Prestashop has chosen to work with modules (puzzle pieces). In this way, each puzzle piece provides an extra feature to your webshop. This way you can choose which payment platform, courier service, ... you wish to use for your webshop.

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