Crezzur DST - koppeling met...
Crezzur DST - koppeling met...
Crezzur DST - koppeling met...
Crezzur DST - koppeling met...
Crezzur DST - koppeling met...

Crezzur DST - koppeling met

The Prestashop module Crezzur DST enables you to easily import all available product information from the platform Digital Collaboration Two-wheeler Industry ( into your Prestashop web store.

The products can be added to your Prestashop store manually or automatically and requires no programming knowledge. By using our Crezzur DST module you will have 10,000 products in your web store in a few minutes.

Click here for an example of the stichtingdst products

Backoffice demo

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What is Stichting DST?
Stichting DST is an independent and central article informationdatabasefor the tweewielerbranche. The platform ensures that dealers have free access to perfect, up-to-date and standardized product information from their suppliers. Bicycle entrepreneurs can use this product information in their own POS system and/or e-commerce system and this data is automatically updated. Quick and simple. Working with DST saves a lot of time and a lot of red tape. More information can be found at

What is Crezzur DST?
Crezzur DST is a module developed to support the two-wheeler industry with the development of their Prestashop web shop. Crezzur DST uses the API platform of which groups product data from different suppliers. Crezzur DST gives you the option to import a specific product from a particular supplier into your web store. But you can also easily create an automatic import. This means that you automatically import a certain category of products from a particular supplier to your web shop. This automatic import does not require interventions, saving you time and money when filling your web shop with thousands of products. Crezzur DST therefore provides bicycle products on your web shop with minimal intervention from yourself.

What is a "Prestashop module"?
A web shop consists of hundreds of pieces of software you can best compare this with a puzzle. The webshop platform of Prestashop provides you with a free puzzle so you already have a fully working webshop. Of course, every bicycle shop is unique and everyone has their own requirements for a webshop. That is why Prestashop has chosen to work with modules (puzzle pieces). This way, each piece of the puzzle provides an extra feature to your webshop. This way you can choose which payment platform, courier service, ... you wish to use for your web shop.

Why a "Prestashop module"?
When you want to add a feature to your webshop, you often contact a web developer for this. This web developer will then build this feature especially for you. Because this command runs once, you pay the full development cost for your new feature. With a Prestashop module this is not the case, a module work for every Prestashop webshop. This allows the web developer to offer his developed feature to a wider audience and you can enjoy an affordable price.

Product license code
When purchasing this module you will receive a license code which is valid for 1 year. During the term of your license, you are entitled to free support and updates of our module. After this period, you can renew the license code by purchasing our Module license (1 year).

Product Details

version 1.0.4


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