Package: Build and manage your Prestashop web...

Package: Build and manage your Prestashop web store


With the package Build and manage your Prestashop web store we take all the tasks off your hands. This way you only need to focus on the sale of your (web) products. We install your Prestashop web-shop, payment systems and much more!


What can you expect from the package Build and manage your Prestashop web store?

  • Do your company not have a website or web hosting (1)? We create these together with you.
  • We install the Prestashop web-shop on your server and configure everything so that your web-shop works properly.
  • We install and customize the layout of your web-shop so that it fits perfectly with the corporate identity of your company.
  • Sell products online with your Prestashop web-shop? We install the required payment systems for you.
  • And much more!

(1) The cost of web hosting is not included in this package.

Your web-shop always up-to-date!

Even after installing your brand new web-shop, we will not let your company down! At Crezzur we are convinced that an online store should always be up-to-date. With an online store, your company continuously processes sensitive information such as personal and payment data.

The use of outdated software versions is therefore always strongly discouraged for online applications. You can therefore rely on our services to keep your web store up-to-date.

Live connection to your POS system

Does your business have a physical store with a POS system? Then we ensure a real-time connection between your POS system and your Prestashop web-shop. This way, your company can fully focus on sales and the stocks of your web-shop are always up-to-date!

Trouble-free online sales

Thanks to our many years of experience with Prestashop, we effortlessly solve all your problems. We have been an active member of the Prestashop community for years and therefore know the Prestashop platform inside out. Even if you want certain adjustments, we are the partner you are looking for!

Discount on all our modules!

When you purchase this installation package, you are also entitled to a 5% discount on the Prestashop modules developed by Crezzur. We take care of the installation and configuration so you don't have to worry. You can find all our Prestashop modules on our module page.

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